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FYH is the oldest and largest manufacturer of mounted ball bearing units in Japan. We began production of industrial mounted units for the Japanese market in 1950, and since then, we have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer of mounted units worldwide.

Decades of experience have lead to the development of myriad advancements including automated production for individual self-aligning structure bearings which has allowed us to control and fabricate high quality metallic and ceramic bearings while adhering to extremely strict guidelines and tolerances. These manufacturing techniques, in conjunction with the utilization of high quality materials, are what truly set FYH apart from the competition.

FYH abides by stringent Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) for selection of materials and production methods and, in contrast to today’s commercially available bearings, our products’ surface finishing state is beyond that of JIS bearing specifications.

Our bearings are designed with severe operating conditions in mind where high-speed rotation and heavy loads are regularly encountered. Nearly 700 kinds of bearings and 300 types of housings are available in our product line. Therefore, several thousand different combinations of mounted units and inserts are annually produced and supplied to the world market to meet a vast range of applications and industries.

The capability to manufacture both bearing inserts and housings from start to finish under the same roof has allowed FYH to pioneer many technological advancements in mounted bearing design. Through a proprietary housing bore machining process FYH is able to maintain a “J” tolerance fit between the bearing insert and the housing which produces a perfect fit between both components. This critical design element ensures that the shape of the housing bore is more cylindrical and spherical than competitive designs. This important feature prevents the bearing from being too loose within the housing or from being squeezed both radially and axially, and it specifically translates to longer bearing life through reduced wear and vibration. The special J-fit feature allows every bearing to be 100% interchangeable with virtually any housing.

In 2012, our extensive research and development has also lead to the production of mounted roller bearings with design considerations that include several advantages over competitive designs. Among these advantages, our mounted spherical roller bearings can accommodate a high degree of shaft mis-alignment while still maintaining positive seal contact which substantially prevents contamination in particularly dirty environments. The rigid semi-solid mounting base of the ductile iron housing ensures that vibration and shock load are no match for the rugged EXTRA TOUGH series. These design advantages, along with materials and production processes that exceed industry standards, are what is required in the toughest industrial applications.

Our goal at FYH is to continue our extensive research and development activities in an effort to fabricate mounted bearing units which can operate without maintenance even under the most demanding situations in applications such as the ocean and space technology sectors. Our ongoing research is specifically focused on the improvement of the Ceraball series under this all-encompassing ideology.